About the Nottingham Society of Artists
About the Nottingham Society of Artists

St Luke's House


Nottingham Society of Artists is one of the oldest and most successful art societies in the country, founded in 1880. Our aim is to bring together artists and others interested in the Visual Arts who are resident in Nottingham and district.

The Society has a proud history of distinguished members whose works can be seen in major national art institutions, whilst other members' works can be found in practically every regional art gallery in the country, including Nottingham Castle.

The home of the Nottingham Society of Artists is St Luke's House, pictured left, a three storey Art Deco building in Friar Lane, close to the picturesque setting of Nottingham Castle in the centre of Nottingham.

St Luke's House was built for the Society in 1934. It has 4 floors including a basement, gallery, education studio, and members studio.

Our studio groups practice Life, Clothed Model, Portrait and Still Life drawing and painting and meet six days and three evenings a week.

Past Presidents

1880 - 1912    Samuel Bourne
1912 - 1930    Sir Arnesby Brown
1930 - 1936    Terrick Williams
1936 - 1946    Harold Knight
1946 - 1962    Arthur Spooner
1962 - 1974    Edward Seago
1974 - 1975    Basil Baslow
1975 - 1976    F. Eric Salter
1976 - 1977    Ronald Bucknell
1977 - 1978    Stanley Price
1978 - 1979    Nancy Glendon
1979 - 1981    Frederick Glover
1981 - 1982    Harley Onion
1982 - 1983    Sydney Barker
1983 - 1984    Theo Else
1984 - 1985    Ken Wilson
1985 - 1986    H. F. (Fred) Darking
1986 - 1988    Audrey Johnson
1988 - 1990    John Martin
1990 - 1992    Sheila Wood
1992 - 1994    W. A. (Bill) Bradford
1994 - 1996    Hunter Reid
1996 - 1998    Chris Robbs
1998 - 2001    Frank Stannard
2001 - 2005    Hedley Carrington
2005 - 2007    Heather MacGregor
2007 - 2009    Alma Armstrong
2009 - 2011    Ken Holt
2011 - 2012    Yvonne Rylatt
2012 - 2014    Bob Sparham
2014 - 2015    Rosemary Wels

The Very Joy of Art

This is a book, first published in 1980 and updated in 2010, which celebrates the 130th anniversary of the Nottingham Society of Artists which was founded in 1880. Not many art societies last as long as this, indeed not many voluntary societies live to this age, and it is to the credit of past members, (as well as present members), that the NSA has survived so long. It has a proud history of distinguished members including Dame Laura Knight, her husband Harold Knight, Sir John Arnesby Brown, Arthur Spooner, Edward Seago, the poster artist Edward Loxton Knight and the Nottingham sculptor Joseph Else. Some of these artists works can be seen in major national institutions such as Tate Britain, the Royal Academy, and the National Portrait Gallery, whilst other examples can be found in practically every regional art gallery in the country including most importantly Nottingham Castle, City Museums and Galleries. The arguments, anecdotes and events described in this book show a Society with members who held very different views, and were not afraid to present them. The lively social activities which bound them together show the effects of the changing times. Soirees and Smoking Concerts are not popular today. But other activities still keep our members working together, enjoying their artistic endeavours with people who, like them, are keen to improve their abilities and achieve their targets.

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St Luke's House
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