Small Pictures for Christmas
Society Exhibiting members
From Wed 29 Nov until Sun 10 Dec 2023

Mark Langley, Giles Davies, Roger Allen
From Tue 12 Dec until Sun 17 Dec 2023

Carole Ellis - TBC
Carole Ellis
From Mon 18 Dec until Sun 24 Dec 2023

John Pooler
John Pooler
From Mon 25 Dec until Sun 31 Dec 2023

Light Night Exhibition
Nottingham Society of Artists: Exhibiting Members
From Wed 31 Jan until Sun 11 Feb 2024

Members Exhibition
Society exhibiting members, not Fellows
From Wed 6 Mar until Sun 17 Mar 2024

Earth ,Sea ,Sky , textiles exhibition by Living Threads
Living Threads Group
From Tue 19 Mar until Thu 28 Mar 2024

Ross Abstracts
David Ross
From Mon 1 Apr until Sun 7 Apr 2024

Fellows Exhibition
Fellows of the Society
From Wed 10 Apr until Sun 21 Apr 2024

Legascy Art Group - TBC
Legacy Art Group
From Mon 22 Apr until Sun 28 Apr 2024

Julian Bray (tbc)
Julian Bray and his group
From Sun 5 May until Sun 12 May 2024

Society Spring Exhibition
All exhibiting members
From Wed 15 May until Sun 26 May 2024

Sallyanne Johnson, Steve Brazier, Betti copperwood, Pat Baylis
From Tue 28 May until Sun 2 Jun 2024

Large Pictures Exhibition
Society Exhibiting Members
From Wed 5 Jun until Sun 16 Jun 2024

Society Studio Groups Exhibition
All members
From Wed 19 Jun until Sun 30 Jun 2024

Alexandra Ghimisi (title tbc)
Alexandra Ghimisi
From Sun 14 Jul until Sun 21 Jul 2024

Ross Abstracts
David Ross
From Sun 15 Sep until Sun 22 Sep 2024

Where Rivers Meet
sarah Burton, Denise Coupland and Martin Sloman
From Tue 24 Sep until Sun 29 Sep 2024

Society Autumn Exhibition
All exhibiting members
From Wed 9 Oct until Sun 20 Oct 2024

From Thought to Form
Jethro Adliington
From Tue 22 Oct until Sun 27 Oct 2024

Society Small Pictures Exhibition
All exhibiting members
From Wed 4 Dec until Sun 15 Dec 2024